About Us

Story of Zomak

The founder of the company, Mr. B L Goswami came up with this idea when he experienced how inefficient the manual process of acquiring writing information. 

Interacting with other students in school and colleges they were on the same boat and what he found out was that there is lot of gaps between the perceived value and actual results.

To address these challenges by leveraging advancements in technology, he decided to launch Zomak Solutions with a mission to support every individual to acheive best in their studies and beyond with the help of writing assistance. We are also focusing on services like blog writing, proof reading, citation help and web content. 

Our Mission

We aim to empower and influence our client to make right decisions at right time by delivering the insights and providing best in class user experience. 

Our Vision

We exist to build innovative products in various segments at a global level and creating information hub which will match according to the needs of the market.

Our Values

  • Know your customer – It measures our performance against a simple yardstick: do our clients love us?
  • Focused – High-performance products are powered by high-performance people. We’re building a culture that values pushing boundaries together and taking ownership and action.
  • Open – The greatest driver of innovation is freedom of access- to the best data, smart tools and human expertise. That’s why we invest in our community-driven open platform – to break down barriers and create choice.
  • Result Oriented – We focus on outcome and execution over appearance and office politics
  • Trust We trust our colleagues to do what’s right and what’s the best for the company
  • Collaboration and partnerships – We believe that together we can create something bigger which sums what individual business entities can create on their own
  • Innovation& Think Big We believe Newsnest can possibly change the world
  • Acceleration – We’re a fast growing company. Say it and try again.
  • Transparency In Communication – We are open, honest and straight forward about the channel of communication, one can directly approach to the management anytime and every time. We don’t support favouritism and respect people’s effort and hard work without any bias. We make sure that everyone is secure from our operations such that nothing is left unturned.
  • Teamwork – Helping our colleagues succeed always comes first. We are serious about our work- and have fun too.
  • Simplicity – Building a powerful yet simple and appealing product is in our DNA
  • Diversity of Perspective – Great ideas come from anywhere and everywhere
  • Employee Development – We believe that every employee feels the value which can lead to their motivation and retention in long run
  • Quality/Ownership – Initiative to bring about positive results, being accountable for results of your actions and always look for opportunities to do better.

We've Helped 2600+ Individuals

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